List of Items You Must Add to Your Bathroom

People most of the time spend so much time decorating their houses but neglect their bathrooms. A bathroom needs different items for enhancing the convenience of users. Along with other useful accessories towels are an important necessity.
Towels are used for different purposes. Terry towels supplied by CHTL, a leading towel factory in Karachi, can provide your skin with a smooth and comfortable feel. Here is a list of towel-related products that should be part of your bathrooms:

Face towel

The face has the most delicate skin. Our face needs special care and attention. Not all the products are suitable for facial skin. A low-quality product can lead to irritation and infection on the skin. Using the same bathing towels for the face and body can lead to the transfer of germs. Hence your bathroom needs to have a separate face towel of premium quality. So that your face can shine and glow. Highly soft and fluffy face towels are available at CHTL. Face towels are relatively smaller than ordinary towels and are made up of softer fabric. At CHTL we keep all details of such towels in mind.

Bathing towel

Bathing towels are another compulsory part of bathrooms. These printed bath towels are long and should possess high absorbing ability. They are required for drying bodies after a shower or bath. Most of these terry bath towels are made up of cotton. You should only buy towels which are thick and warm so that they can absorb water efficiently. The large size of towels allows people to wrap them around their bodies. The bathing towels available at CHTL are of premium quality. Our towels do not shrink or tear after washing. The team works hard to bring the best products to the customers.

Hand towels

Hand towels are another accessory that needs to be part of your personal and guest bathroom. A big portion of a healthy lifestyle relies on the maintenance of cleanliness. A separate hand towel ensures the safety of hands from bacteria and other harmful materials. In most houses, all family members often use the same hand towel. Or they use a bathing towel to wipe their hands as well. These practices are not appreciated by healthcare professionals. Everyone in the family should own a separate towel for their hands to keep themselves healthy. At CHTL, you can find aesthetically designed small towels to dry and clean your hands.

Bath Sheets

Bath Sheets need to be part of your bathroom as they can be of great use in winter. They provide additional warmth to make you feel relaxed in cold weather. A bathing sheet is larger in comparison to regular bathing towels. These can be easily wrapped around the body. Moreover, bathing sheets provide additional absorbance of moisture which is essential for a cold environment. Always buy good quality bath sheets as they last longer than ordinary ones.

Bath gowns

Keep bathing gowns for yourselves in the bathroom. These gowns are a further comfortable version of bath sheets. They come in different fabrics and textures. You can buy the one that matches your taste the best. They range from reasonably priced terry cotton towels to highly expensive, luxurious and posh-quality microfiber bathing attires. You can find a wide variety of bathrobes from CHTL in a range of colors and designs. Get into these highly cozy gowns to make yourself feel relaxed after a bath.

Bath mats

Lastly, a bathroom is incomplete without bathmats. They are required to keep your feet dry after taking a bath. They are important as they allow you to prevent slipping due to wet feet. They should be made up of soft and fluffy material that has a strong ability to absorb water droplets. Bath Mats too come in different designs and colors. You can find a large number of aesthetically manufactured bath mates in the market. Buy your favorite style of bathmat to complete your restrooms.
These items are compulsory for any bathroom. Buy the best-produced bathroom products from CHTL.

Tips to buy towel

Keep the following tips in mind while buying a bath towel.

  • Always buy a towel that provides great absorbance. Most of the time luxurious and expensive towels offer more water absorbency than cheap ones.
  • Buy each type of towel in a specific size. You do not want to end up with a towel that is either too big for face wash or too small for drying your body.
  • Always buy a quality product. They are of huge value as you do not have to replace them after regular intervals.

At CHTL, you can find printed and sublimation towels that are available with stylish and classic designs. Other than bathrooms these towels can be used as picnic blankets. You can use them to wipe off sweat after long gym and sunbathing sessions. Grab the best-printed towels by visiting our website. All our customers consider us a trusted terry towel manufacturer.

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