Well-Crafted Knitted Garments

Continental Home Textile Limited (CHTL) is offering a wide range of knitted wear for its valuable customer all over the world. Knitted clothing is becoming trendy these days and with the wide range of knitted products available at CHTL our customers can always have new and freshly designed knitted garments.

Trendy Forms of Knitted-Garments

Knitted garments come in different forms including T-Shirts, buttoned shirts, polo shirts and innerwear. We offer different knitted products in a range of colours and designs. These products can be worn on different formal and informal occasions. The shirts are designed in a pattern that makes them look both trendy and stylish. The knitted garments at Continental Home Textile Limited are graceful and sophisticated to make the customers look elegant.

Grab the Best Fabric

Knitted garments are made up of an extensive variety of fibers including single jersey, knit fabric, honeycomb, french terry, fleece, or rib. Customers can pick up the garment in the fabric that suits them the best. The fabric elements for the clothing are exported from the international market.

The designs for all the fabric types are trendy and follow contemporary fashion. These garments are made by a skilled team with a thorough understanding of fashion and style.

Garments with Deeper Meaning

We are a manufacturer of knitted garments with an option for customization. Provide us with the right measurements and we can supply you with perfectly fit garments. This way customers never feel unsatisfied with the product they receive.

Moreover, the design of the garment can be customized as well. We are well aware of the fact that customized prints give a more personal touch to the garments. They carry a deeper meaning for the wearer. In a way, it depicts the personality of the person wearing it. Hence, we work extra carefully to convert the idea in the mind of the customer into a pattern on the fabric. A slight diversion can ruin the theme and meaning behind the printed design. At CHTL, we strive hard to not let that happen. Our consumers find the results of the customization to their liking. Their garments receive an additional value through the customization services of CHTL.

Quality Knitted Garments Manufacturer

At Continental Home Textile Limited, we develop quality knitted garments of export quality. We are a leading manufacturer of knitted garments in Pakistan with our customers all around the world. We have been serving people and different companies with the best goods since 1984. We maintain the highest quality products through a diligent team of skillful and professional workers. We deliver input material from the international market to ensure the manufacture of the finest quality products. We aim to grab not just satisfied customers but loyal ones.

What Makes Us The Best?

There might be a large no. of sellers that supply knitted products. The selection of a brand should depend upon the standard of the services provided. We can confidently say that there exists a range of qualities that give Continental Home Textile Limited a clear edge over the rest of the brands. Some of the finest attributes of the products supplied at CHTL are given below:

  • Rich History and Experience Continental Home Textile Limited was launched in 1984 by our founder Mr. Abdul Majeed. The vision behind the CHTL was to initiate a textile company that can provide its valued customers with efficient services and quality yet trendy products in a sufficient price range. Since then the network of qualified people at CHTL has been working efficiently to continue the legacy of its ancestors. CHTL still is true to its founding vision even after four decades of success and boom.
  • Internationally Satisfied Customers We believe that our customers are of great value to us. CHTL has been working for almost forty years. What kept it sustained and successful is the loyalty of its customers. CHTL always prioritized their customer's satisfaction over money. The company always tried to go to lengths for achieving the customers’ pleasure. From the design of prints to the fabric, everything is appreciated by our respectable clients. We feel extremely grateful and privileged to learn about the loyalty of our clients toward us.
  • Understanding of Contemporary Fashion The team at CHTL is well aware of modern-day trends and fashion. We make our product as per the market demands. The design and printing of knitted fabric are never compromised. The creative team of CHTL works and brainstorms a wide range of ideas to finally come up with the best-suited pattern.
  • Best Quality Raw Materials We have a clear understanding of the fact that businesses only flourish if they provide customers with good-quality products. In order to fulfill this purpose, we use the best quality raw material for manufacturing garments and other products.

The efforts, teamwork, dedication, and passion make our team, one of the best in the world. We strive to make ourselves the best-recognized exporter of Home Textile products. Our garments are of top-notch quality with premium printing and designs. Order your desired products at CHTL today!

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