A History of World-Famous Terry Towels

Towels are an item of everyday use nowadays. They are used for different reasons in houses, spas, restaurants and hotels. CHTL is a renowned towel exporter in Pakistan and supplies them across the globe. But a long time ago they weren't this common. People were not familiar with this wiping cloth. Let's have a look at their evolution and the story of how they found their way into our bathrooms and kitchen.

Reasons Behind Inventions

Necessity is the mother of invention. It is a well-known fact and has been applicable throughout the history of mankind. People came up with different solutions as they kept on facing new problems. Like the rest of the invention, a necessity must have given birth to towels as well.

The Birthplace for Terry Towels

Turkey is considered the origin of soft and fluffy towels. More specifically speaking they were first introduced for thermal bathing purposes in the city of Busra during Ottoman rule in the 15th century. This is evident through the fact that Turkey is the best-known towel producer even in the current era. The premium quality towels offered by Turkey are considered a sign of a luxurious and posh-class lifestyle.

Characteristics of Original Towels

In its initial days, it was a simple hand-woven cotton cloth used by the wealthiest class of Turkey for their comfort. Back then they were known by the name of peshtemal and their use was not too frequent. Turks and Ottomans had great expertise in carpet weaving and manufacturing. This creativity and ability of theirs also influenced towels. It was these skilful workers of Turkey who came up with the idea of terry towels by creating loops through towel piles.

An Item of Luxury for Wealthy People

These towels were extremely rare in the beginning as they were just created in limited numbers. Moreover, the amount of hard work that was put into these handmade towels made them costly. Hence ordinary people were not able to afford them. Mostly these towels were used by people who steam bathed and in those times only the upper class was able to afford this luxury. Quality wise these towels were quite good as they efficiently dried any moisture from the body. These towels were light and so carrying them around was not hard.

Rising Popularity and the Industrial Revolution

The influence and growth of the Ottoman Empire led to a rise in the popularity of towels as well. Their size and width were increased and now these could be wrapped around the body. By the 19th century, these towels were easily available to ordinary people as well. As their prices were lowered several times due to the industrial revolution. As the textile industry flourished the manufacturing of these drying clothes became much easier. The demand for the towels increased so the designer came up with more attention-grabbing designs, colours and prints of towels. This boom in the textile industry also led to the creation of bathing sheets and bathrobes.

Towels in Current Times

In contemporary times, you can get a wide range of towels in every fabric. You can buy the fabric that suits your skin and tastes the best. You can find a different towel for each purpose in the market. From small and highly luxurious face towels to big wrapping bath towels, each category is designed with great attention and detail. These towels have now become a necessity for bathrooms. To make your restrooms look aesthetic and attention-grabbing, you ought to buy a diverse collection of bathroom linen. In addition to that, towels are a basic accessory for the kitchen as well. These towels turn a cook's life much easier and allow them to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. From getting rid of spills stains to holding hot utensils towels are of great use for kitchens.

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