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Continental Home Textile Limited (CHTL) is offering its valuable clients fine digital printing on a wide range of products including bath towels and hand towels. Our printed bath towels come in a wide range. One can find a variety of printed towels for different members of the family. From kids to parents or grandparents, our towels cover everyone’s taste in the best manner. Continental Home Textile Limited is one choice for all family members.

Our Expertly Designed Printed Bath Towels

The printed towels we provide are delicately designed products that are liked by our clients all over the world. They contain beautifully embellished fine details. The products we deliver to our customers contain clear and sharp printing. They come in perfect colours and designs with the fine print to enlighten your bath. Our unique and quality products are designed to give our clients a premium experience.

Our modern methods allow our products to have high-definition prints. The print quality of each towel has a photo-realistic element associated with it. The print gets saturated with fabric instead of the traditional laying of image over the cloth. These prints embellish the overall look of towels with sophistication and enlightenment. Hence ordinary bath towels turn into a work of art because of digital patterns and design.

Professional Sublimation Towel Printing

We use the best digital printing technique of sublimation to produce print on our bath towels. The sublimation towel printing technique is used to manufacture our best-quality towels.

  • Summer Fun with Printed Beach Towel: We create beautifully designed beach towels through sublimation printing. Beach towel sublimation makes the towel customized for spending a holiday on the beach with cozy and colourful prints. So make the next visit to the beach a memorable one with the help of our cool printed beach towels. Either make it a beach mate or use it to absorb the sweat after taking sunbathe; these towels are going to stand out.
  • Soft and Absorbent Hand Towel: Hand towels are an integral accessory of every household. One needs a hand towel in restrooms, kitchen and dining room. At CHTL we provide a wide range of designs for different hand towels. Get attractively printed hand towels for the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Our sublimation hand towels are exported worldwide and never fail to surpass our client's expectations. Our printed towels give an additional personal touch to the otherwise ordinary moisturizing wipes. Such detail enhances the users’ personalities and makes them look more thorough and deep.

Why Choose Us?

There exists a range of qualities in our sublimation towel printing products that give Continental Home Textile Limited a clear edge over the rest of the brands due to which our products are preferred by corporate clients from different countries. Some of the finest attributes of the products supplied at CHTL are given below:

  • Best Reviewed Towels CHTL is well aware of the fact that clients are the biggest assets of any business. For our team, the opinion of our customers is of great importance. Hence we try our best to make them feel satisfied. We feel privileged to say that sublimation waffle towels at CHTL receive the best reviews from buyers all around the world. From the design of prints to the fabric, everything is appreciated by our respectable clients.
  • Quality Printed Products The quality of our printed products is remarkable. The printing of towels does not get cracked, washed away, or stripped. The products at CHTL are long-lasting. We wish to formulate a long-term relationship with our customers. Hence try our best to make this wish fulfilled by enhancing the features of our items.
  • Colourful Designs Lastly, the colourful designs on the towel are something we take pride in. Our creative team works day and night to come up with attractive patterns and distinctive colours. We try to develop these designs at a more personal level. There exists a deeper meaning behind the art that we present.

The efforts, teamwork, dedication, and passion make our team, one of the best in the world. We strive to make ourselves the best globally-recognized brand. Our towels are of top-notch quality with premium printing and designs. Order your desired printed towel at CHTL today!

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