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Continent Home Textile Limited (CHTL) is the leading manufacturer and exporter of the best quality bed sheets and bed covers. We supply a wide range of bed sets to cater the market demand for bed covers. The bed linen collection of CHTL comprises pillow covers, blankets, comforters and sheets. These bed sheets come in beautiful prints and colours. We provide premium products that are never compromised in terms of fabric, stitching or design. The qualified team of hardworking workers at Continent Home Textile Limited works day and night to make this possible. We believe in supplying our valued customers with the best services possible.

Continent Home Textile Limited is making progress by leaps and bounds in the textile industry of Pakistan as a bed linen supplier. Our sheets and other products are gaining popularity outside the country as well.

Supply of Export Quality Bed Sheets in Pakistan

At Continent Home Textile Limited, we sell export quality bed sheets in Pakistan to make our customers satisfied and comfortable. The fabric used in these sheets at Continent Home Textile Limited is made from premium raw materials. This makes the product look aesthetic. Good quality raw materials lead to the high durability of the final product. Hence the bed linen and other items supplied at Continent Home Textile Limited last longer than other competitive products in the market. The following attributes make Continent Home Textile Limited one of the most popular bed sheets manufacturers in Pakistan.


Delicately Stitched Bed linen

These beautifully printed sheets and covers are designed and woven with great diligence. The quality of the fabric used to make bed linen is checked after regular intervals. We are well aware that the high-quality process of weaving and stitching is of great importance for satisfying the design and manufacturing of bed linen. The healthy process of manufacturing depends upon the availability of high-quality machinery. At Continent Home Textile Limited, we have installed the best equipment in our factories to ensure that the weaving and stitching of sheets are not being compromised. This equipment ensures a range of sewing and quilting types for each category of bed cover. Rightly knitted and delicately stitched sheets can enhance the grace and elegance of a well-decorated room. This hard work and attention to detail make Continent Home Textile Limited one of the best Bed linen exporters.

Colourfully Printed Aesthetic Bed Linen

These bed covers and sheets come in a variety of colours to adorn the bedrooms most lavishly. The colourful prints on these covers can perfectly complement the rest of the furniture in the rooms. We use the best dyes to get these covers shaded so that their colour would never be worn out. The dyed bed sheets by Continent Home Textile Limited look fresh and brand new years after the purchase. These flamboyant bed sheets can be placed in any room for embellishment.

Expertly Designed Cosy Waffle and Cellular Blankets

Other than supplying export quality bed sheets in Pakistan, Continent Home Textile Limited also provides cosy waffle blankets. They are knitted and sewed with great efficiency. These soft comforters sold by CHTL can be a perfect fit for the spring and mild summer seasons. They have an open-cell weave that lets air pass through it. Hence they provide good breathing for the body. At Continent Home Textile Limited they are made up of 100% pure cotton and can be washed multiple times without fabric getting compromised.

Cellular blankets can fulfil the same purpose for babies. At CHT they are kept lightweight, yet they let babies stay warm without making them feel pressed. These products are made up of allergy-free materials. Hence people can use these for themselves and their precious babies without any worries.

Enjoy Your Winters with Comfortable Jersey Fitted Sheets

Continent Home Textile Limited also sells jersey sheets for beds and other furnishing items in houses. These sheets can be used all around the year. They provide good insulation in winter. The jersey sheets for beds sold by Continent Home Textile Limited are more durable than ordinary sheets sold in the market. They are sold in a range of colours to adorn rooms with them. They can be customised following the sizes of beds.

Worldwide Exporter of Bed Linen

Continent Home Textile Limited is a worldwide exporter of bed linens. The products including bed covers, pillow cases, blankets and bedspreads are supplied across the globe. These products of CHTL are appreciated by a global market for high quality and durability. These products are stitched, processed and packaged with great care and efficiency so that quality is never compromised. These bed covers come in separate bed counts as per the market’s needs. They provide a luxurious appearance.

Get the best produced bed supplies in the market from Continent Home Textile Limited now.

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