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What Should Be Considered Before Buying A Terry Towel?

If you are looking to buy a terry towel, it is essential to learn about the main considerations that can help you choose the perfect manufacturer. A lot of terry towel manufacturers in Houston are providing different varieties of towels for personal and corporate purposes. This article takes a deep dive into the multiple considerations one has to make before choosing to buy a perfect terry towel.

The Material Of A Terry towel

The most important consideration while buying a terry towel has to be the material of the towel. Terry towels are available in a variety of fabrics, like cotton, bamboo, or a mixture of different fabrics. Each fabric has its own set of characteristics and differs based on softness, absorbability, and durability. CHTL terry towels are made from premium fabrics that make sure they remain soft on the skin but can stand the test of time.

Weave And Texture

Terry towels come in a variety of weaves and textures. Try to buy a towel with tighter loops, and an even structure like those provided by CHTL. These towels have great absorbency and enhanced softness. Spas can opt for these towels so that their customers can enjoy a softer feel on their skin.

Size And Weight

Shapes and sizes of terry towels vary depending on their use. Hotels, spas, and other businesses can choose different sizes, depending on where they wish to put them, and what their use will be. CHTL provides several sizes and weights to provide a higher range for businesses. Different sizes mean that these towels can be used for different purposes at different places. This makes CHTL terry towels a versatile choice for almost every kind of towel.


One of the most essential things is to choose a durable terry towel. Hospitality businesses often require a higher amount of towels, to accommodate the customers. CHTL terry towels are capable of being used for a longer time due to their reinforced edges and tighter loops. they should also be able to retain all the color, even after being washed multiple times. Durability means that these terry towels can remain new and clean for a longer amount of time without fading out or looking old and dirty.


Opt for terry towels with a high absorbency rate. Longer fibers tend to be highly absorbent and can be dried quickly after each use. CHTL provides high-quality terry towels with exceptional absorbance so that businesses can efficiently clean and dry them after each use. This makes CHTL the perfect option for businesses looking to purchase high-quality and absorbent terry towels for their clientele.

Color And Design

Make sure you are choosing colors and designs that match the aesthetic of your business. Be it a classic white terry towel or an orange colorful terry towel for the beach, you will be able to find a variety of them at CHTL. Businesses that have a signature color, and design, can opt for certain colored and patterned terry towels so that they can blend with the aesthetic of the business.

Enjoy The Convenience Of Terry Towels

With careful consideration of the tips given above, businesses can choose a manufacturer that meets all their expectations. CHTL has carefully curated a line of Terry towels, made from premium quality fabric and available in a variety of colors. CHTL is a renowned terry towel manufacturer in Houston and is providing businesses the convenience of owning the highest quality terry towels. With tight and structured loops, premium fabric, and a variety of colors and designs, different businesses can access the perfect terry towels that meet their standards. With CHTL, choose a terry towel that meets not only your expectations but also your personal preferences.

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