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Seven Ways to Use Terry Towel

Terry towels are the perfect robe for drying yourselves after a long bath. They come in aesthetic colors and designs, feel great and perform their duty of absorbance most efficiently. These stylish yet cozy towels are made up of uncut loops and are weaved in both vertical and horizontal patterns. Double vertical knitting of the fabric allows terry cloth to have a greater exterior, high absorbance ability, and a cushy texture. All these properties of the fabric make it ideal to manufacture towels and other bathing products.

Terry towels are made up of luxurious garments that are ideally used for post-bathing comfort and relaxation. Their high absorbing power and smoothness make them perfect for sensitive skin. 100% pure cotton protects the skin against irritation. You can wrap them around your body without any hesitation. Though most people use terry towels for bathing purposes only, they are highly efficient in performing other household chores as well. Here is a list of activities where you might want to take the assistance of soft and cozy towels.

Beach day

A fun day at the beach is always full of excitement and amusement. From hours of swimming to long sunbathing sessions, beeches surely help us to get rid of fatigue and lethargy caused by continuous work. A terry towel can prove to be convenient for Sundays at beaches. Their high absorbency can help you dry up after soaking in water due to constant swimming and splashing in the sea. You can also place these large towels as beach blankets. They are affordable and can hold sand off better than other blanket options available in the market.

Use them for shade

It might come as a surprise for most people but these terry towels can also provide you and your young ones shade and protection against sunlight and heat. Highly soft towels can be hung on the car windows to block the sunlight and have a pleasant ride. Babies love parks but hot summer afternoons are not suitable for them to visit. You can simply put a terry towel on their strollers to create shade for them while they enjoy the view around. CHTL is the leading terry towel manufacturer in Pakistan and these towels are available in a wide variety at CHTL. You can shop now to get the best-manufactured products.

Pet care

Soft terry towels can be a good accessory for your pets as well. If you are fond of cats or dogs you must be aware of the post-bath struggle with them. Drying furry friends of yours can be a hard job. You do not want hair to be dispersed everywhere. Terry towels supplied at CHTL are a cost-effective alternative for all your troubles. They can allow you to get rid of moisture from your pets without getting their furs trapped. Buy these towels now at the best rates.

Kitchen linen

Terry towels can be quite handy in kitchens. The processes of cooking and baking can be challenging at times. Grabbing hot utensils and dishes requires layers of thick fabric to protect your hands from burning. A thick terry towel can serve this purpose quite conveniently. They can also be used to dry dishes without leaving any marks on them. Unexpected spills are pretty common in kitchens which can be dealt easily with these cotton clothes. At CHTL, cooking enthusiasts like you can find a separate collection of kitchen linen to keep things organized there. Buy the product that your kitchen needs the most.

Keep your house clean

These towels have a large surface area which makes them a perfect material for cleaning and sweeping. These cotton clothes can wipe stains of grease, oil, and paint and make your house look clean. You can use these towels as wiping pads to disinfect your floor and kitchen countertops as well.

Gym towel

We are well aware that you spend a lot of time in the gym working out to get in the best shape. These hardworking activities make you sweat a lot. Hence you need a soft towel with a high absorbance rate to clean your body. The collection of printed towels available at CHTL can provide you with this service at the best rates.

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