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How Many Towels Are Needed In A Restaurant?

Towels are an unknown fighter in restaurants, and do a large number of tasks. From cleaning, and polishing, to wiping down tables, towels are seen almost everywhere in a restaurant. With the large number of responsibilities assigned to a Terry towel, they remain strong in maintaining the strict sanitary conditions of a restaurant. Restaurants need to invest in a large number of towels if they wish to be on top of all potential cleanings and even accidents. This article intends to take a look at the amount of towels needed for a restaurant and their importance.

How Many Towels Are Needed For The Restaurant Staff?

There is no definitive number of towels that can be required by a restaurant. However, after a few calculations, there is an estimated number of towels that may be required in a restaurant, and they are:

Extreme Comfort

There is no definitive number of towels that can be required by a restaurant. However, after a few calculations, there is an estimated number of towels that may be required in a restaurant, and they are: .

  • A Cook may require 4 towels per shift. One for cleaning, one for sanitizing, one for holding equipment, and one for their general use.
  • A bartender generally requires 2 towels on their person at all times. One to clean glasses, and the other for minor spills.
  • A waiter may need at least three towels. One for holding hot dishes, one for minor cleanups, and one for sanitization.

This is just a general assumption, but a better way to determine the amount of towels required is simply communicating with the staff. Try to keep at least 5-10 extra towels, in case of an emergency or large accident. It is advised for restaurants to purchase kitchen linens from a Kitchen linen manufacturer in bulk to receive good deals.

What Kind Of Towels Are Needed In A Restaurant?

A restaurant is a place where towels are used frequently, and a large number of towels are needed for different tasks. Having the right kind of towel can help employees deal with specific tasks easily and make sure there are no accidents. Let us take a look at the kind of towels needed in a restaurant:

Dish Towels

Used to dry clean dishes, a dish towel can be quite an important part of every restaurant. These towels are made to absorb a lot of moisture, and they can dry dishes extremely fast. These towels need to be kept only for drying clean dishes, as there can be cross-contamination, which can endanger the sanitization of the restaurant.


Washcloths are considerably lightweight and are perfect for cleaning small surfaces, and tables, which do not require a lot of cleaning. Used to simply wipe down clean surfaces, their towels can make sure the tables remain clean between customers. They are perfect for light cleaning and are generally smaller in size.

Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels can be bought in bulk from a high-quality Kitchen towel manufacturer. Made for anyone working in the kitchen of a restaurant, they are more durable than normal towels, and can easily clean down any surface while lasting a whole shift. They are slightly heavy-duty and can clean food spills and equipment throughout the day without any issues.

Utility Towels

They are used by the restaurant staff to clean tough stains and sticky surfaces. With high absorbency and oil-cleaning capabilities, these towels can clean almost any surface. They have heat protection, and help waiters carry hot plates without burning their fingers or being uncomfortable.

While it may seem like a good idea to buy one type of towel for all the staff, it is essential to understand that it can be quite inconvenient for the staff in the long run. CHTL is one of the most renowned terry towel manufacturers, providing high-quality Towel printing sublimation, for restaurants to invest in. With a large number of sizes and GSM rates, we can make sure every restaurant staff receives towels that they can comfortably work with, and make sure they can provide the best services possible.

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