A Comprehensive Guide To Maintaining Your Towel

Terry towels are a great way to elevate your daily routine and are a great option for overall usage. CHTL provides premium-quality terry towels, with plush textures and unparalleled absorbency, making them a staple in households. Whether it is to dry yourself after a relaxing shower or wrap yourself in coziness after a long day, our terry towels play a vital role in every daily routine. However, to maintain its quality, a little tender love is needed. In this guide, we'll give you insight into keeping your towel in optimum condition.

Understanding Terry Towels

Before delving into the tips, let's learn what makes terry towels better than regular towels. Unlike regular towels, terry towels are woven with loops of thread to create a soft and absorbent towel. This unique construction gives the terry towels their, exceptional quality and their great absorbent nature.

Choosing The Best Terry Towel

The journey begins with buying the best quality terry towels. CHTL provides cotton towels, as it boasts absorbency and durability. It is essential to purchase towels with a higher GSM (gram per square meter) like the ones provided by the best terry towel manufacturers, CHTL, for a more luxurious and thicker feel. Our towels have a tightly woven loop to contribute to the softness

How To Remove Stains

Accidents are inevitable and stains are a badge of honor for towels. However, when faced with stains, addressing them promptly can prevent them from staining. Use a stain remover as a pre-treat for stains or a mixture of baking soda with vinegar. Wash the towel gently. For stubborn stains, consider vinegar or lemon juice. However, always do a spot test to ensure the towel does not get damaged. Additionally, avoid the usage of bleach, as it can weaken the threads and compromise the quality. .

How To Gently Wash Your Terry Towels

To preserve the quality of your CHTL terry towels, introduce gentle cleaning rituals. Wash the towels before the first use to clean any manufacturing treatment. Use a mild detergent without fabric softeners, as softeners put a film on top and diminish the absorbency of the terry towels. When putting it in the washing machine, do it with a smaller load to ensure thorough cleaning, and use warm water as hot water can ruin the fabric .

Towel Drying Methods

Drying your terry towels is just as essential as washing them. The right way to dry them is to dry them in medium heat as a high amount of heat and sunlight can damage the fabric by weakening the threads. When done the right way, your terry towel can maintain its quality and the integrity of the fibers. Line-drying is also a great method as it prevents wear and tear.

Post-Wash Handling

The post-wash handling of the terry towel requires a delicate touch. Before folding the towel, give it a gentle shake to fluff the fibers up. This helps the towel maintain its fiber health and it remains voluminous rather than flattened. When folding, avoid pressing down on it too much, as this can compress the fibers and loops. When storing, ensure there is proper ventilation.

A Quality Finale For Your Terry Towels

All in all, CHTL Terry Towels are one of the best towel options in the business. Considering the quality of the fabric, the manufacturing process, and the quality of the towels itself. By incorporating CHTL terry towels into your life and using the above-mentioned preserving techniques, you can rest assured that you are not only investing in the towels but also their longevity.

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