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Waffle robes supplied by CHTL come with an immensely soft and fluffy texture. These exclusive robes are prepared with great attention and care. They can prove to be highly cozy with enough thickness to absorb moisture efficiently.

Waffle robes can provide sufficient warmth in cold seasons. We dye them in elegant and graceful colors to match our customer’s tastes. Buy the robe that suits your taste the best. The products supplied by CHTL, a renowned waffle robe manufacturer would never disappoint you in quality.

Product Details

The waffle robes supplied at CHTL have the following qualities

  • Our waffle robes are washable. They don't face any degradation when washed. The quality of the fabric is restored after every wash. This feature makes our products long-lasting.
  • These waffle robes supplied at CHTL are well-protected from shrinkage. Shrinkage can make a swaddle useless. As it no longer fits the person it was meant for. Hence we supply waffle robes that are preshrunk and don't face any shrinkage upon washing.
  • Premium quality waffle robes sold at CHTL do not need too much maintenance. Most of the textile products available in the market need to be used carefully for them to stay in good condition. But robes supplied by CHTL need no such maintenance.
  • The aesthetically designed robes come in various colors and diverse prints. The color of these robes does not get faded off easily. You can use them for years to come and relax comfortably.
  • Waffle robes sold at CHTL are made up of terry cotton. The quality of the fabric is never compromised at CHTL. Our clients feel satisfied with the color and texture of the product that they receive.

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